Blue Mountains Sauna

Sweat & Stretch - 3 hour guided sauna, yoga & meditation session w/ refreshments + towel & robe package

March 26 (Sunday)
at 7:00

Class length
180 minutes

Session type
Essential Oil Infusion 80-90°C (all genders)

spots left

Sweat & Stretch - Arabella & Blue Mountains Sauna

Connect with, and create space in the body, breath and mind through the ancient practices of yoga and communal sauna bathing. 

In this workshop, you will be guided through meditation and mindfulness techniques, yogic breath-work practices, and a series of yoga asana postures between calming hot sauna rounds to support wellness inside and out. 

The meditation and mindfulness techniques focus on how to steady and quiet the mind through moments of discomfort. Become the witness of the world within and step into a space of response over reaction.

Guided breath-work methods focus on soothing the nervous system, supporting healthy regular blood flow, and cooling the body while enjoying the numerous benefits of a traditional Finnish dry sauna.

We will journey into the body through a series of accessible yoga asana postures with focus on how to properly engage muscles, protect joints, and avoid 'over' or 'under' stretching.

Incorporating Blue Mountains Sauna "Sit Sweat Chill Repeat" cycle, this Sweat & Stretch workshop provides full body and mind nurturing.

Limited to 8 Spots

7AM - 10AM 

Please arrive by 6:45AM

What's included?

😌 3 hour Sweat & Stretch workshop limited to 8 people including:

🧘 Yoga & meditation

 🌬️ Breathwork

♨️ Guided sauna and cold plunge rounds 

🌿 Essential oil aromatherapy 
👘 Organic cotton robe and a bath towel for your comfort
🥗 Light snacks
🍵 Local tea & kombucha

🤗 Lots of good vibes

What to bring?

  • Arrive in active wear

  • Water bottle (filtered water provided)

  • Yoga mat (we have spare if you forget yours)

  • Swimmers 

  • A bath towel for your final refreshment shower

  • Pre & post sauna skincare


Sweat & Stretch - 3 hour guided sauna, yoga & meditation session w/ refreshments + towel & robe package (Ticket)

Class Price


Includes GST: A$15

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