Blue Mountains Sauna

Sit Sweat Chill Repeat

March 30 (Thursday)
at 16:00

Class length
120 minutes

Session type
Silent Hour 80-90°C (all genders)

spots left
This session provides access to the communal Finnish Dry Sauna and Cold Plunge. 

A few points to help you get the most out of your sauna session..

  • If you're sharing a pack, you can reserve additional spots by booking the same class multiple times. Please arrive 10 minutes earlier as each of your guests will need to sign the waiver. 
  • Your 2 hours start from your booking time, not your arrival time.
  • Complimentary tea, bench towel and slippers are included with each visit.
  • To make it easier on the environment, we encourage our guests to bring their own robe and bath towel, but just in case, both will be available for hire.
Health and Wellbeing
    • Don't forget to bring your water bottle as hydration throughout your session is critical.
    • Avoid eating a large meal prior to your session, but don't sauna on an empty stomach.
    • Sit Sweat Chill Repeat - Listen to your body, push yourself responsibly and take time to rest/chill properly. It's not a competition! 
    • Please observe our sauna etiquette and be respectful of others and the facility.


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